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My Life with Multiple Sclerosis
I hope that by sharing my experiences
with this MonSter, it might help people
to better understand this disease. MS
is not a contagious disease, nor are there two people alike.  Everyone with this disease experiences it differently.  You
could of walked by someone in the mall
today who has this disease and you didn't even notice. Why's that? Most people  with MS don't even look like they're sick.
Here you will learn a little about me,  a description of what Multiple Sclerosis is, symptoms of MS, diagnostic testing,  and links pertaining to MS.
If you have any suggestions or comments,  please feel free to contact me.
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I added some of my favorite songs to
each page. You will probably learn a little about me by the songs that I've chosen.   I hope you enjoy, but if
you don't like the music you can shut
it off. The console is located at the
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