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This page is dedicated to my dear friends
who live in Holland.
This is Christa, and she has given me all of
these beautiful gifts that are on this page.
The best gift at all though, is the gift of friendship.
Though we have not met in person, I can call
her my friend.  A friend is someone who can
cheer you up when you're feeling blue and that's
what Christa has done for me many times.
She has a kind heart and soul!
Christa and I met through her 10 year old
 son's website.  Please stop by his site and see
what he has done.
This is Danny, Christa's son :-)

Thank you for this beautiful plaque Danny!

This star from Christa is a symbol.  This is
what she wrote to me when she sent me this star:
We are living
so far away from each other, with a big ocean between us. But the stars are
one thing we will see always the same!! The stars in the dark sky in the evening.
 Those are the same stars we can look at. So I am sending you a twinkling
Star with Tulips from Holland!!

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Music is, "Knockin on Heavens Door"

All of these gifts were made by
Christa, please obey copyright laws.